About us

Beanies Base was found by Tom Hardwell in 2010, Tom was an extreme beanie lover, when he was a child he would have a beanie for every day of the week!!. At first it was very hard to start off as a business because it was basically only for hat lovers. So during the Winter of 2010 , Tom opened up the first ever Beanie Base in New York.

At first it was getting a lot of business but then as Winter was passing and Summer was just around the corner , business was dropping since people didn’t need hats because it was getting warmer, business was dropping. But then Tom realized that he shouldn’t only sell beanies he should sell any kind of hat and from that Beanie Base is what it is today . business-163464_1280

Beanie Base is known world wide for its beanies and other hats. Beanie Base has the lowest prices compared to every other hat selling business. So order one now and see if the hat fits!